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Orchard Friends is a non-sectarian school where kids
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Our Thinking

Our Thinking

Orchard Friends School educates children with learning differences through a non-sectarian, research-based, multi-sensory program
in a safe and nurturing community.

Teachers and Staff

Our Teachers

Passionate, certified special education teachers and support staff tailor lessons for the individual student.


Our Programs

We believe that students learn best in a positive environment, one in which each student is valued as an individual.

Our Community

Parents are a key part of our learning process and so we try to engage our whole community inside and outside of the classroom.

OFS Recent News

Summer Camp Final Week

Rocketry and Propulsion Students will engage in an investigation of rocketry and propulsion by reviewing Newton’s three laws as they relate to rockets and spacecraft as well as the physical forces acting on an object traveling through a given space. Monday Water bottle rockets Students will learn about drag and acceleration with a balloon rocket demonstration. Their investigation of rocketry will continue with the start of the water bottle rocket build. Tuesday Water bottle rockets Students will finish the construction of their water bottle rockets and will weigh them in order to later figure out the amount of force each individual rocket produces. Wednesday Solid Fuel Rockets Transitioning from one type of propulsion system to learn about another, students will begin the construction of a solid fuel rocket which uses an ignitable fuel motor as opposed to a pressurized bottle. Thursday Solid Fuel Rockets Paint Day! Students will finish the construction of their solid fuel rockets while learning about the different components such as the stabilizer fins, the motor, and the recovery devices. They will then have an opportunity to personalize their creation! Friday Students will culminate the week with the annual OFS Rocket Launch at Riverton Park. Parents and families are invited to participate as students prep and launch their two...

Summer Week 4

Cooking During this week students well take an in depth look into cooking and all that surrounds it. Students will learn to read and prepare recipes, what’s healthy vs. what’s not, farming and its importance. They will learn the measurement aspect of cooking and life skills such as how to order off a menu, how to make a shopping list, and many other things. Being able to cook encourages healthy eating and is a crucial skill for daily life. *Each day the students will make a kid friendly recipe that they can make themselves at home, eat it, and take the recipe home to share with their family and friends! *Students will learn about the importance of kitchen safety throughout the entire week. Monday: – In the classroom, students will learn about the measurement aspect of cooking (i.e. tablespoon, cups, etc.) and take a look at different measurement conversions – Throughout the week students will work on constructing their own recipes. Tuesday: The school will learn about health and nutrition and its importance to everyday life. Wednesday: – The students will take a look into farming and its importance. They will learn about how to cook with fresh foods from the OFS Garden. – Sandy Rae (or other) will come in to show the students how to make jellies/jam made out of items fresh from a garden. Thursday: – On Thursday, students will look at the life skills portion of food such as reading recipes, menus, ordering food, making a shopping list etc. Friday: Field...

Plans For Week 2 Of Our New Summer Program

Week 2 Summer Program   The second week of our summer program will focus on Outdoor Skills. On Monday, the  students will learn about water and water filters. They will build their own water filters and test them using water from different sources. Tuesday will focus on map reading skills and learning compass skills in preparation for a compass scavenger hunt on Wednesday. Thursday’s activities will include building shelters and camping. Our week is capped off by a hiking trip on Friday.  Students who wish to participate will be able to go on a real camping trip Thursday to Friday.  Currently, we are looking at French Creek State Park for this camping...

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msacessOrchard Friends School is Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are founding members of the International Alliance of Accrediting Associations which includes the major regional, national and international accrediting agencies.