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Our Thinking

Our Thinking

Orchard Friends School educates children with learning differences through a non-sectarian, research-based, multi-sensory program in a safe and nurturing community.
Our People

Our People

Passionate, certified special education teachers and support staff tailor lessons for the individual student.

Our Programs

We believe that students learn best in a positive environment, one in which each student is valued as an individual.

Our Community

Parents are a key part of our learning process and so we try to engage our whole community inside and outside of the classroom.

OFS Recent News

ESY is halfway over. Summer is flying by!

July 18-July 22, 2016 We have hit our half way mark! Week 3 was Art Week. Who doesn’t love to get messy?? A few projects included making liquid sidewalk chalk, and painting on canvas. The students concocted liquid chalk by measuring and mixing corn starch, water, and food coloring. They poured the mixture into squeeze bottles, and painted our sidewalks and parking lot. For the canvas, the kids used tape to form the first letter of his or her name. They then used their creativity to paint the canvas. We all loved seeing each other’s idea for how to fill the canvas. After it dried we pulled the tape off and viola, they each had a personal masterpiece! Coach Alex and Coach Stephanie from Playtime Sports were back this week to teach us more about tennis and team work! We broke up into two teams and competed in relays, balancing the tennis ball on the “sweet spot” of the racket. There was also time for the students to work on their racket skills. Cathedral Kitchen was so impressed with what the students were able to accomplish for them last week that they asked for more help. The students have loved being able to give back and jumped at the chance to do more. This week, the kids bagged plastic utensils and napkins for Cathedral Kitchen to use as place settings at meal time. This week’s field trip was in honor of our summer read at Orchard Friends.  We went to Regal Cinema to watch “The BFG.” We are currently reading Roald Dahl’s book, The BFG as a school and we couldn’t... read more

2nd Week of ESY was a Multisensory, Roaring Success!

July 11-July 15, 2016 Week 2 – Animal Week – of ESY has come to an end. We started with learning about all different types of animals. One topic studied was bears. We played a multisensory game where students had to collect “food.”  A typical black bear needs to eat between 11-18 pounds of food daily to stay healthy – it’s no easy task! Students also made blue jell-o cups to look like fish bowls and collected things from nature to make animal art. As part of our summer program, Orchard is partnering with Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. The students are learning the importance of service and giving back to those less fortunate. This week, they bagged hundreds of cookies and we sent them off to the Cathedral Kitchen community. The students were very excited about giving back. Coach Alex and Coach Stephanie from Playtime Sports are also a new addition to our summer program. Each Wednesday Alex and Stephanie will teach our students the fundamentals of tennis. This week, students participated in agility exercises, learned the fundamentals of tennis including  volley and forehand shots and of course played fun teamwork games. To top off our Animal Week we visited the Philadelphia Zoo. It was a scorcher, but we learned a lot and had fun while doing so! Our favorite part was the new “Big Cat Crossing,” a mesh-engineered overhead passageway that encourages lions, tigers, pumas and jaguars to explore above us. Another big hit was the new children’s section of the zoo called the “KidZooU.” There were plenty of hands on activities that taught about different animal habitats... read more

OFS Extended School Year Kicks Off July 5 – July 8

Orchard Friends’ ESY (extended school year) kicked off last week. The students were excited to see their friends after having a two week break. They got right down to business and have been working hard in their morning classes: reading and math. Our theme for the week was “American History.” In our action-packed afternoons, students learned about the first 4th of July and the origin of the American Flag. Students and teachers worked collaboratively to make a large American Flag out of paper links. We also got into the kitchen to make American flag rice crispy treats. Students learned about how early Americans used quill pens for writing before our modern pens were invented. We then turned feathers into our own quill pens. Everyone got to practice writing with their own quill pen and learned it’s harder than it looks! The week’s grand finale included a field trip to the Battleship New Jersey. Students sat in the chair from which Admiral Halsey commanded the fleet during World War II. They stretched out on the bunks where the sailors slept. They climbed into the 16” gun turret and learned how the projectiles were loaded. Stay tuned for next week’s adventures…  ... read more

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