Thank You First Responders And Public Servants

7th Annual Give Back Lunch (with a twist!)

January 22, 2021  10:00AM-11:00AM

Unfortunately, we cannot have everyone in the building for a lunch cooked by our students. However, now more than ever we want to show our appreciations for our first responders and public servants!

This year’s lunch will be a bit different. Please RSVP and drive by to pick up a hearty boxed lunch at OFS on Friday, January 22nd. Drive into the parking lot from Thomas Ave and alongside OFS on either side. We will be serving lunches-to-go through our side doors between 10am and 11am for you to enjoy when you can.

RSVP to:

Courtney Bell, 856-786-1123,

RSVP for the Give Back Lunch!