Speech-Language Pathology & Occupational Therapy

Speech Program

Speech and language therapy is incorporated into virtually all aspects of the program at OFS. The speech-language pathologist employs in-class support and co-teaching of lessons in order to provide ongoing language learning assistance to both students and teachers. By constantly monitoring classroom progress, the speech-language pathologist is able to customize language activities that directly benefit students every day. Speech is also offered to all students as a classroom subject which meets weekly. Classes are grouped according to students IEP goals, so the therapist can assemble small groups of students and target specific skills such as articulation, pragmatics, receptive and expressive language and auditory processing as needed. The frequency and delivery models are determined by the needs of the students. Social Skills, based on Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winner, is a weekly subject taught by the speech-language pathologist. The curriculum is constantly evolving, and is determined by the changing needs of the students.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are available as mandated by the student’s IEP. Services vary in focus and intensity according to each student’s IEP and may include individual sessions, group sessions, and/or push-in to classroom. The occupational therapist provides training to teachers on how to carryover work on occupational therapy goals throughout the day and week at OFS. Students are encouraged to identify their areas of difficulty and are guided and encouraged in self- advocacy. Students learn to monitor their sensory issues and independently address them as needed. OFS uses the Alert Program for Self-Regulation and Brain Gym to assist students in understanding and addressing their challenges.