Parent-Teacher CommuCircle-for-OFSptcnication

Communication between parents and teachers is a pivotal part of our program. To optimize this, each student receives a Log Book which he/she carries to every class. The teacher or student enters a basic description of the activity completed in class for that day as well as the homework assignment and the level of participation, effort and attitude the student exhibited during that period. Reviewing the log book on a daily basis enables parents to follow the student’s progress constantly. Because teachers check the log looks daily, it also provides a convenient venue for parents and teachers to share necessary information. Because the log books contain each student’s schedule and homework, it also aids in developing students’ responsibility and accountability. The log books are used by teachers to teach and reinforce some valuable executive function skills. OFS’s monthly newsletter, The Apple, provides the latest information on school events, the Student of the Month and other important announcements. Teachers are also accessible via email or phone to address questions or concerns with parents, and they are more than willing to arrange meetings with parents as needed.