Core Curriculum

Circle-for-OFScc2The Orchard Friends School curriculum is aligned with New Jersey Core Content Standards (NJCCS). We utilize a wide array of texts, materials, software, technology and teaching strategies for instructional purposes. OFS also uses diverse multisensory techniques as determined by the needs of each individual student. All students receive instruction in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Science/Science Activities, Computers, Art, Health and Physical Education.

Literacy/Language Arts

In teaching Literacy, we group students at their instructional level within age restrictions as defined by the State of New Jersey. We utilize the following programs in our Literacy/Language Arts curriculum:

  • Orton-Gillingham
  • Lindamood-Bell Programs
  • Novel Based Reading
  • Scott Foresman Reading
  • Edmark Reading
  • Framing Your Thoughts
  • Earobics
  • Just Writing

The curriculum has included: Aesop’s fables; poetry; fairy tales. Greek, Roman and Norse mythology; Wind in the Willows; Little House in the Big Woods; Treasure Island; Pollyanna. Don Quixote; Shakespeare; The Secret Garden; Life of Frederick Douglass; Little Women, Native American myths. Another unique feature of the OFS Literacy/Language Arts program is our “Idiom of the Week.” Idiomatic and figurative language can be very challenging for our students. We provide direct instruction in this area each morning and reinforce it throughout the school day. Idioms are chosen by the faculty and are shared with parents via our school calendar and weekly newsletter so the concept can be reinforced at home.


OFS_Web-26In teaching math, we group students according to their instructional level within age restrictions as defined by the State of New Jersey. We use a multi-sensory approach to math and utilize the following materials:

  • Pace Maker Pre-Algebra
  • Steck Vaughn Algebra
  • Mastering Math
  • Touch Math
  • Mathpad Plus software

Social Studies

In Social Studies, students are grouped by grade level. The Curriculum proceeds as follows: Families People and Places Communities New Jersey history, geography, etc. World History US History World Geography American Government


In Science, students are grouped by grade level. The Curriculum includes the study of Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science. In addition, our very popular Adventure Friday program affords the opportunity for students to explore topics in a hands-on, experiential manner.

Social Skills

The support and development of social skills is integral to each student’s program at OFS. The curriculum is based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking. Each student participates in one small group social skills class and one unstructured social skills lunch bunch each week.  The skills learned are enforced by teachers and staff throughout the school day as well as with in-class support provided by the speech therapist.

Physical Education/Health Education

The physical education curriculum includes non-competitive games, team sports, fitness and social games. The program is modified to facilitate every student’s participation. Health education content includes body systems, healthy living, and making personal choices.