OFS Geography Fair March 4, 2016

by Pam Dougherty

HPIM0714Since the start of school in September, every student at OFS has been learning geography at their own instructional level. Each class started with learning the basics of geography such as land forms, climates, and map skills. The students then moved on to learning about continents, countries, and oceans. As we approached winter break, we incorporated studying various holiday traditions from around the world. Students loved learning about the different stories of Santa Claus, exotic foods, and unique traditions that people have.

IHPIM0720n January, it was announced that OFS would host a Geography Fair. The students were ecstatic  to show off what they had been learning to their family and friends. This project based activity allowed each student to pick their own country, research it, and use their unique learning style and creativity to present it. For over a month, the entire school community worked enthusiastically on this event. March 4th was the big day, the Geography Fair! Students anxiously set up their tables with tri-folds, some brought picture books, ipads, music, food from their country, clothing, lego models,photos, and items from their travels. A few students who attend OFS have been internationally adopted from places like China, Guatemala, and Kazakhstan. The fair gave theses students the unique opportunity to teach the community about their birth country and culture.

HPIM0719Parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors filled our gathering room. The turnout was overwhelming. Each guest “traveled” from country to country with their pretend passport. Students stood proudly by their displays and taught our guests and each other what they had been learning and preparing for all year. We couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work that everyone put into this great event!