OFS Extended School Year Kicks Off July 5 – July 8

Orchard Friends’ ESY (extended school year) kicked off last week. The students were excited to see their friends after having a two week break. They got right down to business and have been working hard in their morning classes: reading and math. Our theme for the week was “American History.” In our action-packed afternoons, students learned about the first 4th of July and the origin of the American Flag. Students and teachers worked collaboratively to make a large American Flag out of paper links. We also got into the kitchen to make American flag rice crispy treats. Students learned about how early Americans used quill pens for writing before our modern pens were invented. We then turned feathers into our own quill pens. Everyone got to practice writing with their own quill pen and learned it’s harder than it looks! The week’s grand finale included a field trip to the Battleship New Jersey. Students sat in the chair from which Admiral Halsey commanded the fleet during World War II. They stretched out on the bunks where the sailors slept. They climbed into the 16” gun turret and learned how the projectiles were loaded. Stay tuned for next week’s