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Derby Days at OFS

Boats, birdhouses and now pinewood derby cars. Woodworking with design and aerodynamics. Math and science come alive at OFS!

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Horseback Riding Field Trip

Our adventure in May was a trip to Flora Lea Farm‘s Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Riding Program. We were more than eager to meet the horses and the people who take care of them. We each took a turn walking Romeo, along the outside track. He and Ms. Barb wanted to show us some of their beautiful land on their Medford farm. Since it was a very hot day, Romeo led us inside to meet his buddy, Scout, a medium sized paint pony. Scout and Romeo loved to be groomed. Ms. Barb taught us some of the proper grooming techniques. She taught us where to stand and which brushes work well on the different parts of a horse‘s body.  We also learned tacking, the proper way to prepare a horse for riding. Ms. Barb showed us how to put on the soft blanket and the fasten the saddle. While we awaited our turns, we learned the different parts of the horse.Then it was off to the races! Teddy Bear, a dark brown thoroughbred, Chief, a large paint pony, and Cash, a chestnut, carefully and sweetly prepared for their riders. One, by one, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. Alex helped us onto our horses. We learned to put our left foot in the closest  stirrup and swing our right leg up and over the horse. Teddy Bear, Chief, and Cash were more than happy to show us around their paddock. We moved them in and out of the cones, and practiced our stretching to improve our core muscles. We let go of the reins to stretch all the way up, and all the way down while we were riding around the indoor ring. Our favorite part was when... read more