Idiom of the Week at OFS

by Pam Dougherty

IMG_2822 (1)Does your child have difficulty understanding figurative language? Children with language based learning differences often do. It is important for every child at OFS to understand idioms and how adults and other kids use them, since they are so common in everyday conversation.

Idioms are commonly used phrases that say one thing but mean something completely different. Like “spill the beans”, “piece of cake” or “it’s raining cats and dogs.” Many students at OFS are literal thinkers and find idioms confusing. Each week at OFS we showcase a different idiom. In our morning collection, the entire school gathers and discusses that week’s idiom. To explain it, we act it out, use pictures, tell stories and tie it to real world experiences.

Our staff then incorporates the idiom throughout the day in class time, lunch and recess. We help our students  get a grasp on the most used idioms. We work toward making him or her more comfortable in conversations and social situations. They gain a better understanding of what’s really being said.

Not only does a better understanding of figurative language improve social situations, but mastering them adds color and interest to writing. By developing a clear understanding of figurative language, students can also further comprehend texts that contain metaphorical and lexical meanings beyond the basic word level.

Stop in to see what idiom we are working on this week!