Community Based Instruction Trip

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, all of the lower school students spent the week writing their mothers a letter. At Orchard, we take every opportunity to make writing functional. We also take every opportunity to tie what the students are learning to community based instruction. The kids worked on brainstorming ideas, sketching out rough drafts and writing clean final copies of their friendly letters. Once their letters were ready, they addressed their envelopes. The next step was getting the letters in the mail. Before our trip to the post office, each student counted out coins to pay for their stamp. Together, we walked to the post office in PalmyIMG_5647ra, bought stamps, and mailed our letters! The post master was ecstatic to meet all of our students. She asked many questions about our school, the kids, and what we do at Orchard Friends. She was so kind that she shared her phone number with us and told us to come back for a tour. We plan on taking her up on her offer within the next few weeks!