2nd Week of ESY was a Multisensory, Roaring Success!

IMG_6931July 11-July 15, 2016 Week 2 – Animal Week – of ESY has come to an end. We started with learning about all different types of animals. One topic studied was bears. We played a multisensory game where students had to collect “food.”  A typical black bear needs to eat between 11-18 pounds of food daily to stay healthy – it’s no easy task! Students also made blue jell-o cups to look like fish bowls and collected things from nature to make animal art.

As part of our summer program, Orchard is partnering with Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. The students are learning the importance of service and giving back to those less fortunate. This week, they bagged hundreds of cookies and we sent them off to the Cathedral Kitchen community. The students were very excited about giving back.

Coach Alex and Coach Stephanie from Playtime Sports are also a new addition to our summer program. Each Wednesday Alex and Stephanie will teach our students the fundamentals of tennis. This week, students participated in agility exercises, learned the fundamentals of tennis including  volley and forehand shots and of course played fun teamwork games.

To top off our Animal Week we visited the Philadelphia Zoo. It was a scorcher, but we learned a lot and had fun while doing so! Our favorite part was the new “Big Cat Crossing,” a mesh-engineered overhead passageway that encourages lions, tigers, pumas and jaguars to explore above us. Another big hit was the new children’s section of the zoo called the “KidZooU.” There were plenty of hands on activities that taught about different animal habitats and we even got to pet and brush some goats! Next week’s theme will be art. The students can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get messy!